Frugal Technologies is about saving fuel and CO2 emissions. We do dynamic modelling of propulsion systems, saving ship owners significant amounts on both bunkering and CO2 emissions.

Frugal Propulsion

Our primary product is Frugal Propulsion which is an on-top system that augments existing propulsion control systems by supplying dynamically generated propeller curves that always match the current condition of a vessel

Frugal Propulsion collects data from sensors attached to critical equipment, such as main engine RPM, propeller pitch, fuel consumption and torque on the main axle. The image on the right shows the torque sensing equipment we use to asses how much work a propulsion package is producing.

Strain Gauge Module with BF350.png

The result is a propeller curve that saves on fuel and CO2 emissions, compared with both fixed RPM propulsion modes as well as the propeller curve integrated into the on-board propulsion control system.

Data is continually evaluated for validity and conformance to engine security constraints. The resulting set of data is then used to generate a dynamic mathematical model that yields propeller curves, matching the acual condition of the vessel.

mary_arctica - forskellige driftsmodes.png

Frugal Propulsion will generally benefit vessels with controllable pitch propellers but we will always do a manual sea trial to determine if the fuel saving we can achieve is worthwhile. So far, our results show savings that make an ROI of less than one year very likely.